Sunjata Kamalenya

Sunjata Kamalenya

Sunjata Kamalenya (translated: Sunjata for Youth) is a new completely interactive production by the Experiential Theater Company.  Audience members are encouraged to participate in the production that chronicles the struggles of a boy destined to be the leader of the Mande’ people of West Africa.  This is based on the story of the Lion King.  Both parents and children can participate in the show.

Traditional music, costumes, and scenery whisk you away to a village compound where the storyteller guides you to 13th century Mali.  Audiences have a unique experience that celebrates the spirit of determination and the love of family in the face of seemingly impossible odds.

This play was developed as a staged workshop performance at the McCarter Theatre Center, as part of the 2010 McCarter Lab.  It was then introduced at the Kennedy Center during New Visions, New Voices.

Running time: 66 minutes
Age Range: K-6

**Sensory Friendly shows available**


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Sensory-Friendly and Autistic-Friendly Performances:

The Experiential Theater Company is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for everyone. We are delighted to engage everyone who attends our performances and are happy to tailor performances to meet the objectives of our partner venues. In the past we have worked with venues to create sensory friendly performances, performances for audience members with special needs, as well as performances for audience members on the spectrum. After all, making sure that our audience is having a positive experience is our first objective.

Please let us know if you are interested in discussing special performances when booking. We are very happy to participate in any initiatives you have.

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