GRIP (formerly “Generic Male”)

The Generic Males’ multi-award-winning Off-Broadway show takes us into the beating heart of the patriarchy as it descends into acrobatic absurdity. It’s fathers & sons, it’s war & death, it’s James Bond. You’ll laugh out loud, you’ll cry your ass off, you’ll bury those feelings deep inside and never speak of them again. Ugh…men

Running Time: 90 minutes

“Stevenson and co-star Ashley Jones have both the comedic chops to keep the laughter rolling through the plight of the Beckett-esque characters, and the pure athleticism to literally carry the show, and each other, on their backs.”

– (5 out of 5 stars – The Edmonton Journal)

“…exceptionally good comedy and a deep personal earnestness. The show earns every single one of its beats, from laughter to tears.”

– Jenny Revue

Generic Male is presenting something profound that, judging by the audience’s standing ovation, we’re ready for.”

– CITY Newspaper