Creative Collision

Creative Collision

“We want our audience to leave our shows changed. We want our audience to leave awestruck, not in discovering what we can do, but rather discovering what they can feel.”

– Darren Stevenson

The next big adventure in storytelling: a new collaboration between PUSH Physical Theatre and the Grammy-winning Ying Quartet.

This one-of-a-kind performance is not a “collaboration” in the sense of sharing a stage, but a true creative “collision” of classical form and compelling motion theatre. PUSH’s fusion of acting, acrobatics, and dance which resists categorization, combined with one of the world’s best-loved string quartets challenge the typical form of collaboration to produce a boundary-breaking celebration of the creative spirit.

Not just a concert. Not just a new choreographic work. The PUSH-Ying Quartet ‘Creative Collision’ Project is about inspiring joy and passion in audiences and teaching our emerging generation of musicians, dancers, choreographers and actors to create collaborative art that we can’t yet imagine.


Creative Collision – Promotional Video

Creative Collision – Spaces & Memories – Primitive huts, raised barns and modern skyscrapers. A tribute to those who build explored through the lens of westward expansion (PUSH and Ying Quartet)

Creative Collision – Busy Body – The musicians are missing and the audience is enlisted to fill in until they show up in an unexpected place (Heather Stevenson with Ying Quartet)

Creative Collision – Cup Of… – A mystery drink has unexpected consequences. (PUSH and Ying Quartet)

Creative Collision – A Most Elegant Dinner or The Naked Diner – a date with the audience goes wrong (Darren Stevenson with Ying Quartet)